Sequence : Whodunnit? 

Final Task : Create a photo story with the whodunnit theme (M for Murder in the textbook).

Take pictures and write the text in balloons. 

This is the work produced by Anahi, Nicolas and Matias from 2 group 5 (August 2016)


Final Task : Write a poem about your vision of an ideal world. Illustrate it with drawings or pictures.

Required elements : at least 2 stanzas of 4 lines each and the language tools studied in class :

adjectives ending with - FUL / - LESS , MAY, WILL , IF... (bonus : + 2 points for rhymes)

These are some of the poems written by Diego, Ian, Jean-Paul, Soline, Nicolas, Jorge, Isadora and Audrey from Seconde groups 1 and 5 (and for those who still wonder : YES, boys can also write poetry!). Congratulations for their good work! (June 2016)

Final task  (group work) : You are an engineer. You have just invented a revolutionary robot or technique and you must advertise it in order to gather funds for its commercial launching.

Explain its specificities and advantages.

Then design an ad (Word document) to promote it.

You will then be asked to give an oral account to the rest of the class.

Use the language elements studied in class (expressing enthusiasm, intonation, superlatives...)


Example of a production by Augustin and Diego, from Seconde group 1, March 2016. Click on the video below...